HAENYEO Photo Book

■ Author: Y.Zin

■ Publisher: Hollym Corp., Publishers

■ Size: 25ⅹ25㎝ | Hardcover

■ Publication Date: 2017/April/10

■ Language: English-Korean

■ ISBN: 978-1-56591-484-1



HAENYEO Photo Book

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  • They Scour the Ocean Floor without Breathing Aid 

    These brave women work underwater 10 meters, or sometimes 20 meters, deep in the sea without any breathing apparatus. They harvest prized marine delicacies such as sea cucumber, abalones and sea mustard. Women free divers who are engaged in this centuries-old marine harvesting tradition are only found in Korea and Japan. Korea’s haenyeo are less known than Japan’s ama in the world today. But a long time ago, haenyeo taught their skills to ama.


    Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity 

    Ingrained in the culture of the haenyeo are practices to protect the marine ecosystem because the sea is the source of their livelihood and they regard it as the common property of all. They release shellfish seed, in the expectation that the baby turban shells and clams would grow and thrive in the ocean. They also carefully watch and cope sensitively with changes in marine life caused by changes in sea temperature. They thus contribute to the protection and enrichment of the marine ecosystem. In recognition of such activities as well as the value of their disappearing rural legacies, the Culture of Jeju Haenyeo was inscribed on the UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016.


    In this first photographic book by Korea’s first female underwater photographer who is also an accomplished international-level diver, Y.Zin captures vivid scenes of the haenyeo at work with their sisterhood of the sea spanning generations, resting, checking gear and the day’s harvest, and working the land together between dives.


    Since 2012, Y.Zin has been visiting Jeju Island every year to meet the island’s haenyeo and take pictures of their everyday lives. Taking advantage of her expertise and experience as an underwater photographer, she has succeeded in capturing the beautiful and dynamic moments of these divers working under the sea. The Happy Haenyeo Project was conceived by Y.Zin to help protect the culture of these divers and make it known around the world. As part of her efforts to inform the world of these wondrous women, she has also participated in international dive expos, exhibiting her photographs and giving lectures on them. This photographic book is an outcome of these activities. Y.Zin presents the haenyeo, her beloved subjects, with great authenticity and genuine marvel at their livelihood and culture that shows through in every photograph and note that she has written for the book.

    About the Author

    As a National Geographic Diver certificated and Commercial underwater photographer, Y.Zin is introducing high-quality underwater photography techniques and underwater modeling education into Korea. A commercial photographer much in demand, she also produces photographic works for movies, posters, advertisements and magazines. Since 2012, she has been promoting the East Sea and the seas around Jeju Island as well as the culture of the island’s women free divers through international dive expos and seminars. She holds a world record in sidemount trimix diving; she succeeded in diving down to 101 meters in 2015. 

  • 반품/

    교환가능 기간

    변심반품의 경우 수령 후 3일 이내,
    상품의 결함 및 계약내용과 다를 경우 문제점 발견 후 30일 이내



    변심 혹은 구매착오로 인한 반품/교환은 반송료 고객 부담


    교환 불가 사유

    • 소비자의 책임 있는 사유로 상품 등이 손실 또는 훼손된 경우
      (단지 확인을 위한 포장 훼손은 제외)
    • 소비자의 사용, 포장 개봉에 의해 상품 등의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
      예) 화장품, 식품, 가전제품(악세서리 포함) 등
    • 복제가 가능한 상품 등의 포장을 훼손한 경우
      예) 음반/DVD/비디오, 소프트웨어, 만화책, 잡지, 영상 화보집
    • 소비자의 요청에 따라 개별적으로 주문 제작되는 상품의 경우 ((1)해외주문도서)
    • 디지털 컨텐츠인 eBook, 오디오북 등을 1회 이상 다운로드를 받았을 경우
    • 시간의 경과에 의해 재판매가 곤란한 정도로 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
    • 전자상거래 등에서의 소비자보호에 관한 법률이 정하는 소비자 청약철회 제한 내용에
      해당되는 경우
    (1) 해외주문도서 : 이용자의 요청에 의한 개인주문상품으로 단순변심 및 착오로 인한 취소/교환/반품 시 ‘해외주문 반품/취소 수수료’ 고객 부담 (해외주문 반품/취소 수수료 : ①양서-판매정가의 12%, ②일서-판매정가의 7%를 적용)
    상품 품절 공급사(출판사) 재고 사정에 의해 품절/지연될 수 있으며, 품절 시 관련 사항에 대해서는
    이메일과 문자로 안내드리겠습니다.
    소비자 피해보상
    환불지연에 따른 배상
    • 상품의 불량에 의한 교환, A/S, 환불, 품질보증 및 피해보상 등에 관한 사항은
      소비자분쟁해결 기준 (공정거래위원회 고시)에 준하여 처리됨
    • 대금 환불 및 환불지연에 따른 배상금 지급 조건, 절차 등은 전자상거래 등에서의
      소비자 보호에 관한 법률에 따라 처리함